Oregon: Mobile Slaughterhouse Sabotaged in Memory of Clément Méric

Over the weekend, a mobile slaughter unit operated by Shoe's Mobile Slaughter
and Processing (14515 Coon Hollow Rd, Sublimity, OR) was decommissioned by
having a gallon of bleach poured into its fuel tank. When the liquid bleach
comes into contact with the diesel in the tank it
will create a chemical reaction that will cause rapid corrosion to the unit's
fuel system--forcing it to seize up. For the time being this slaughter unit
will be unable to be used to spill the blood of another animal.

Oregon: Mobile Slaughterhouse Sabotaged in Solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric Mcdavid

On the night of June 14th, we sabotaged the fuel system of a mobile
slaughter unit located at the Meating Place (6495 NW Cornelius Pass Road,
Hillsboro, OR) by introducing a corrosive chemical to both of its diesel
tanks--causing thousands of dollars in damages and rendering it inoperable.
Although this act will only serve as a temporary reprieve for the cows, pigs,
goats, and sheep that are slated to be killed by this machine of death, it
can at least ensure a few slaughter free days.