May Day Poster Series


When people make posters for events that are likely to draw people from more than one city, it's helpful to include the city in which the event is happening on the poster.

I understand that you may not be convinced towards non-violence.

But I ask that you be considerate of the homes and small businesses of the community around your rally. Many have similar hopes as you do.


I submitted the posters and info for the rally at SCCC @ 6pm, but it hasn't been added to this site. There will be a rally at Seattle Central Community College at 6pm. This has been in the works since February. After apeaking with Wildcat, we have decided that we will be marching up to the King County Juvenile Detention Center to merge with the other Anticapitalist March. So, if you want an early start, head to SCCC by 6pm.

Also... there is another crowd meeting up with as at SCCC for the March Against Corruption. Initially, the MAC was going to meet earlier in the day at City Hall, but they decided to join the both of the May Day Anticapitalist Marches. :-)