What is Pugetsoundanarchists.org?

Occasionally, a story on this website attracts attention from groups other than our intended readership. More than a few times, mainstream media have referred to the "Puget Sound Anarchist Group," or implied that this website is the mouthpiece for an anarchist group.

We thought it would be obvious, but apparently we need to say it explicitly: There is no "Puget Sound Anarchists Group" and this website and its editors speak for no one. Pugetsoundanarchists.org is a news website that runs stories by or of interest to anarchists in the Puget Sound region. We accept signed or anonymous submissions.

Notes on Recent FBI Activity in the Northwest

FBI_Card Search_Warrant
On Wednesday April 26th four different houses in the Seattle area were visited by FBI agents who left cards. At least one of the cards was signed Special Agent Michael Baldino and another by Special Agent Sean Replogle.

On Thursday April 20th two anarchists were detained by the FBI in Seattle and Denver and served with warrants for “identifying property” (fingerprints). The warrants cite “unlawful possession of a prohibited explosive device” as the crime being investigated. They were then questioned about protests on May Day 2016 in Seattle. Both people were detained and released and as of this writing no charges have been filed.

Fierce Resistance at Northwest Detention Center

From Seattle GDC

There was a brief lull in the hunger strike after Geo Group agreed to come to the table but it quickly became clear to the detainees that their conditions were being worsened in retaliation. Repression came in the form of one individual on the inside getting 30 days in solitary confinement and several transfers to the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Facility or NORCOR. NORCOR, while not an immigration detention center, is a frequent destination for the targets of transfers from NWDC and it is a very isolating and potentially dangerous experience for detainees who often have little English proficiency or social connections there. In addition to this detainees are reporting that Univision, the primary source of news where many first learned that a strike was under way, has been banned in the prison. On the 19th, over a dozen detainees once more began hunger striking which continued until toward the end of the weekend until they called it off.


May 1st 6pm - 4th and Capital

THIS MAYDAY: bloom explosively against drudgery, brew antidotes for capitalism’s poison, plot with friends against industrial projects on stolen land, move with deep feeling against hopeless elections and engineered passivity. rage against the existent, its defenders, and its false critics. rise against the port and its world. GET WILD. Against the Port and Its World.

Sabotage Against Train Tracks in Olympia

Heberger image
Early in the morning of April 20th we poured concrete on the train tracks
that lead out of the Port of Olympia to block any trains from using the
tracks. We took precautions to notify BNSF (the train company) - we called
them and we used wires to send a signal that the tracks were blocked. We did
this not to avoid damaging a train, nothing would bring bigger grins to our
faces, but to avoid the risk of injuring railway workers.

Announcing The Olympia Social Calendar

Down with fedbook, up with the Olympia Social Calendar!
OSC is here to help you get your social life in order. Inspired by
Barcelona's Info*Usurpa (usurpa.squat.net), we hope to become a valuable
resource for Olympia's anti-authoritarian and arts networks. Our goals are
to boost attendance at important events, to facilitate cross-promotion, to
reduce reliance on facebook, and to connect subcultures and struggles.

Supporters Rally as Immigrants Launch Hunger Strike NWDC [Tacoma]

More info from NWDC Resistance and on Social Media
At noon on Monday, April 10th, over 100 detained immigrants at the Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in Tacoma began a 72-hour hunger strike to protest human rights abuses inside the facility and to fight for better conditions. As of 8PM Monday, the strike had spread to 415 detainees. Organizers on the inside have asked for the presence of supporters at the Detention Center until it ends. People who are willing to stay late/come early/camp out in front of the NWDC are urged to head there as soon as possible. The NWDC is located at 1623 E J St, Tacoma. Donations of food/water/supplies are also needed and appreciated.

Reflections and Analysis on Vancouver, WA Mobilization

Donate to Arrested Comrades Here
As a whole, the event was really awesome and I think a lot of participants, myself included, came out feeling good, despite the hits we took. One of the awesome things was any time there was a scuffle with the cops people were really good about linking arms and pushing back on them and a lot of times (though sadly not every time) when people got snatched we managed to snatch them back. There were a lot of frustration tactics, like messing with their weak ass plastic fence which annoyed both the cops and the threeper security force.

PSA Update: New Things in the Coming Months

Here at PSA, we are in the process of breathing new life into and revamping the website. We have entered a moment of heightened anarchist activity and we would like to rise to the occasion of helping share anarchist news and information in the Pacific Northwest. While sites like It’s Going Down play a crucial role in disseminating information nationally and internationally, this website was created under the assumption that there is an important role to be played by regional anarchist media and we believe that is true today more than ever.

We have in the past been an important clearing house for action report-backs, communiqués, event announcements, and analysis as well as serving as a place to share fliers and posters so they can disseminated more widely. In a time when heavily monitored social media can seem impossible to avoid, PSA can be a way to stay up to date with anarchist goings on without having to log into facebook.

We hope to play these roles even better in the future and to reach a wider audience. To that end we’re working on improving the design and functionality of the website, creating a better submission process that includes the ability to easily submit pictures and PDFs, a catalogue of anarchist zines from the Pacific Northwest, and a section with links to mainstream news articles that might be of interest to anarchists in our region. Please submit ideas and suggestions for how to make the site better to us on the ‘submit content’ page of the site if you have anything that you’d like to see from PSA.

Another way to support this site is to submit content to us, if you go to a demo, write a report back about it. Have some analysis of some shit going on in the Pacific Northwest? Write it up! (But please be sure to read over it and edit things before you submit them)

Finally, we have, quite begrudgingly entered the social media sphere and it is with no pleasure that we ask you (if you’re already into this sort of thing, that is) to add us on Instagram and share our articles on facebook and twitter.

See you in the streets!