Map of Fascist Propaganda

In the wake of an increase of racist attacks and vandalism on a national scale, we found it to be incredibly important to make public an ongoing project documenting racist and fascist propaganda in Seattle, WA. Below is a link to a map collecting all of the emails that have been sent to antifa206 (at) riseup (dot) net documenting fascist propaganda. To our knowledge, all of them have been taken down or covered up already. This map is an attempt to disseminate the information that has been provided to us in a safe and easily accessible manner.

You can also access the map by searching for the name in the website. The map is listed under “Map #206-161”

What is

Occasionally, a story on this website attracts attention from groups other than our intended readership. More than a few times, mainstream media have referred to the "Puget Sound Anarchist Group," or implied that this website is the mouthpiece for an anarchist group.

We thought it would be obvious, but apparently we need to say it explicitly: There is no "Puget Sound Anarchists Group" and this website and its editors speak for no one. is a news website that runs stories by or of interest to anarchists in the Puget Sound region. We accept signed or anonymous submissions.

Wells Fargo Attacked in Lacey in Solidarity with Standing Rock

A few nights ago we smashed out the windows and doors of Wells Fargo in
Lacey. Wells Fargo funds the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as GEO Group,
the private prison company that runs the Northwest Immigration Detention
Center and many other private detention centers. Wells Fargo profits off of
the destruction of the earth, the incarceration of migrants, and the ongoing
land theft of native lands. Multiple cities and schools are divesting funds
from Wells Fargo, individuals are closing their own accounts, and anarchists

Relentless: An Interview with Coyote Acabo on 16 Years in Prison

This interview was conducted in the winter of 2014, shortly after Coyote had arrived to Olympia, WA to resettle after a 16 year stint in the Nevada prison system. This discussion on his experiences in and out of prison has been brought back to light in lieu of some much needed support that Coyote needs regarding multiple legal cases surrounding his involvement in anti-racist and anti-police struggles in and around Olympia, WA.

Oil-Trains Disrupted in Solidarity with #NoDAPL [Vancouver WA]

This is a claim of responsibility for causing disruption to the Pacific Northwest Corridor Rail Line north of Vancouver WA. On several occasions over the last few weeks, 6-Gauge Booster cables were attached to rail junctions at several points along the rail lines. Artificially triggering the railway signalling system.

The Left Needs Solidarity

I'm seeing a lot of opinion pieces in news outlets about how the left should
protest and organize. Most of these articles misunderstand what protest
should be and also seem to come from a place of privilege. Especially when I
see articles that say things like "You want to scare Trump? Be orderly,
polite, and visibly patriotic." Privilege that is obvious when police show
up to Black Lives Matter and labor marches and anti-trump marches in riot
gear with batons and rubber bullets, but show up to the women's march to

Accounts of Police Brutality and Socialist Alternative Co-option at SeaTac #MuslimBan Protest


Collected here are accounts and analysis from people who were on the escalators and faced police violence while occupying SeaTac demanding detainees be released on 1/28/17.

Account 1

“I want to make sure everyone knows that Kshama Sawant [City Council member] put a lot of people in danger last night. We had all marched into the airport and blocked the exits, we were strong in numbers and most of us were fully prepared to stay the night. The organizers went from group to group telling us that the plan was to stay until the people detained were released. Kshama decided that on her own with a few people from SA [Socialist Alternative, a reformist group] she would end the occupation before the prisoners were released. She did not confer with any of the organizers that have far more experience with organizing, protesting and most of all risk analysis. She lead about 2/3rds of the protest out, onto the street and to the light rail leaving the rest of us at MUCH higher risk for attack and arrest.

No DAPL and GJ Resistance Banner Drop Olympia WA

On February 1st, we dropped a banner in Olympia, WA in solidarity with the indigenous struggle against the dakota access pipeline and in solidarity with everyone who is refusing to help the grand jury investigate the water protectors. We were particularly inspired by the strong statement of Steve Martinez. Here in the Pacific Northwest we also faced down a wave of Grand Jury repression not so long ago and though our contexts are different we would like to extend this little token of recognition that our struggles are shared. The resistance against the pipeline, the state, and the colonization of the so called "united states" continues!
From Olympia to Standing Rock, we have your back. Stay strong! Grand Jury Resistance Works!
-some pnw anarchists

A Narrative from the SeaTac Shutdown, J28

You Don’t Get to Protest When It’s Convenient
When my partner and I first got to SeaTac, it took some time to get oriented and figure out what actions were taking place. We eventually found a gate that wasn’t fully shut down yet and moved to help with that. As we arrived at the gate, a very nice looking woman with a stroller showed up, wanting to make a flight. A few people started shouting, “Let her through!” and through she went. I get it, she looked tired, had a child, and was very nice with saying “please” and “thank you.” However, we were there to SHUT IT DOWN, not SHUT IT DOWN OCCASIONALLY.

Vancouver BC Antifa Report Back New Westminster Antifascist Rally

Sunday January 29th 2017, approximately 100-150 people rallied in New Westminster for the Antifascist & Anti-neoNazi demonstration at 1pm.

The crowd included unions and organisations such as the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), the Canada Employment & Immigration Union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the Coalition Against Bigotry – Pacific, and Vancouver Antifa. Roughly half of the crowd was masked up. CTV News, Global News, and the Georgia Straight were present.