Juvie Contractor's House Spray Painted

Last week the words "No New Jail" were spray painted on the the front of
Jake Mckinstry's house at 2219 N 59th Street in Seattle. Jake works for
Spectrum Development. Spectrum is building condos along 12th ave.
They are also working with the city to build a new youth jail in the same area.
Spectrum's role in building the jail is to organize and oversee the
development of the jail.

Activists Destroy Road Leading to Elliott Forest Timber Sale

Last night, under moonlight, our rowdy cadre of mountain beavers emerged from
the hillside and destroyed the road leading into the Dean Scholfield timber
sale in the Elliott State Forest. A three-foot deep trench now blocks the
sale’s entrance. Long lengths of rebar were cemented into three holes in
front of the trench, preventing bulldozers from easily reconstructing the

The Oregon Department of Forestry sold this old timber in February to Scott
Timber, a subsidiary of Roseburg Forest Products. Much of this 51-acre sale
has never been logged before. Dean-Scholfield borders a parcel of unsurveyed
potential marbled murrelet habitat, as well as the Hakki Ridge parcel that
Seneca Jones purchased last year, which contains swatches of old growth and
documented murrelet nesting habitat.

Warning Given to Residents of Magnolia

On Thursday the 12th, letters were delivered to areas of the Magnolia
neighborhood where various individuals involved in the new youth prison
project live or have property. Pictures of these individuals were included
alongside a letter strongly suggesting they cease the project that profits
from the imprisonment of children. The letter implies that various details
are known about the lives of those involved in the design and construction of
the youth prison, as well as those who made the decision to go ahead with the
project and that the conflict surrounding this project will be taken to their
comfortable neighborhood if they continue down this path.

They're fucking scum and they're on thin ice.

Mondays in March: Call the Juvie Contractors and Tell Them to Fuck Off!

Last month the city of Seattle approved the selection of a design-build team
that will make millions of dollars off of designing and building a new youth
jail at 12th and Alder. Howard S. Wright, HOK and Integrus all proudly
exclaim long résumés filled with examples of jails, prisons and police
stations that they have built and profited from.

While the prison-industrial complex seems like an overwhelmingly large and
abstract structure to try to resist, there are real people who sit in
ergonomic chairs clicking away at computer screens on which they are building
models of prison cells. There are men in suits who pick up telephones and
make deals for the delivery of the materials that will build the walls,
offices, and security systems of the new jail.

Each Monday during the month of March please join us in calling, emailing,
and/or faxing the real people who are responsible for creating the
infrastructure that destroys the lives of millions. Let them know what you
think, urge them to consider the implications of their choices, or just tell
them that you think they are fucking disgusting and ask them how they sleep
at night.

Announcing Beat The Raid: New Source for Info on Anti-Pipelines Repression

Beat The Raid will be a place to hear up to date info on the repression of
anti-pipelines activists and anarchists in so called Vancouver, BC. We are
still fundraising and now selling no pipelines patches and t-shirts to help
with legal funds. You can contact us at beattheraid@riseup.net for questions
and interview requests.

Together we will beat the isolation the state imposes on us.

Beat The raid: https://beattheraid.wordpress.com/

Suprise Home Demo in Seattle

From No New Animal Lab

On Friday night, a group of activists made a surprise visit to the home of James and Lindsey McReynolds, at 3033 22nd Ave. W in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle. James is the Senior Project Manager at Skanska USA’s Seattle office, and his job includes acquiring and cultivating contracts–meaning that Skanska’s contract with the University of Washington to build a new lab has developed in his hands.

Olympia, Wa: Downtown businesses hit with anti-police graffiti

The Olympia Police Department is investigating a string of anti-police graffiti painted onto downtown businesses Thursday night.

Lt. Paul Lower said that graffiti isn’t uncommon in the city, and for the past several years anti-police messages have been prevalent. But this graffiti is different: The lettering is large, and more than 10 businesses were hit in one night.

Oregon: Pheasants Freed From Game Bird Exhibit

On Sunday night a pen was cut open at the Oregon Fish and Wildlife game bird
exhibit located in the EE Wilson Wildlife Area giving 3 ringneck pheasants a
chance to escape into the wild. This action was done to both spare these wild
animals from a life of captivity and to challenge the societal norm that
regards non-human (as well as human) animals as commodities.

Noise Demo Flyers & Posters

A poster for the New Years Eve Noise Demo is available here

A two sided handbill is also available here (side 1) and here (side 2)

The flyer reads:

Every year on December 31st people all over the world gather outside of jails and prisons to demonstrate solidarity with those who have been kidnapped by the state and to demonstrate hatred for the pigs that keep them locked up.

Prisons are part of the same racist police state that murdered Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John T. Williams, and so many others. Where the police evolved from slave patrols and white vigilante violence, prisons carry within them the legacy of plantations and slavery. As we are in the streets fighting back against police killings, let us remember those who the state has tried to bury alive behind bars. The police and prison are two pillars of white supremacy and all other forms of domination

Let's tear them apart.